Parenting Consultation and Support
Helping Grow Healthy Families

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." (Henry Ford)  

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Parenting Support


Parent Support is designed to offer you a support system to help you through some of parenting's greater challenges. I provide one to one parenting development, parenting education, parenting programs and parenting advocacy.

Parent Consultation

Parenting Consultation is designed to take a problem or challenge and turn it into an opportunity for collaboration on solutions with an experienced child and youth care professional.



Parenting can be difficult but you don't have to go through the challenges alone.

"It takes a village to raise a child" Old African proverb

Parent Consultation and Support




Grow a Healthy Family
Parent Consultation

Here's what to expect during your Parent Consultation

  • Improved communication and knowledge about your child's emotional needs

  • Clarity around your current parenting realities and the goals you have for the future

  • A greater understanding about your strengths as a family and the ability to work together

  • A deeper knowledge about who your child is and what themes may exist around them

  • An ability to manage conflict in the home much more effectively

  • A promotion of shared ownership is understanding your child's emotional needs

  • The ability to work collaboratively toward a solution for better outcomes

  • A better understanding of specific needs and ability to clearly communicate this with your child's school or childcare center

  • An increase in capacity and confidence and the ability to remain a strong, positive influence in your child's life.

  • Broadened resources and improved skills and knowledge  

Keeping Families Strong
Parenting Support

Here’s what you can expect during your Parent Support:


  • Support with tantrums, meltdowns, challenging behavior, anxiety, bedtime battles, sibling rivalry and much more.

  • Advocacy support in finding your child the resources they may need at school or daycare.

  • Support with LGBTQ

  • Workshop opportunities

Healthy Parents

HHealthy Children


Healthy Families



The Story of Family

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Family is like a painting with each stroke of the brush there is a uniqueness which brings a picture of  beauty.  

We are born not bonded by DNA but by the strength of love for those who care for us. 

Family is complicated, difficult, and at times overwhelming.

Families share love, grief, challenges, success, sadness and joy. 

Family is our roots, good or bad they are our past, they are our future. 

Family is who we are and give us the strength to become who we want to be. Family yours by blood or bonded by love 

Joined together we are hope, we are strength, we are our future.

by: Lisa Price Maidens










Parenting Consultation and Support

Helping Grow Healthy Families

Parenting consultation and support services are not therapy, counselling, or therapeutic by nature. Parenting consultation and support in this practice provides: Consultation, to develop, implement, identify and address children or youth’s development and emotional well being, Support provides one to one parenting development, parenting education, parenting programs, and parenting advocacy.

Lisa Price Maidens BCYC, RECE

For more information on consultation and support services please email

Lisa Price Maidens is also an early childhood educator and owner and operator of Children's Rainbow Village Family Childcare

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